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Well, Hello there!!!
It has been quite some time since I was last on here. 
(approximately 8 months) 
Which in blogger world is like you've died...
but I didn't. (YAY!) 
I have been keeping my head down and staying busy with 
(r-ki-tekt), motherhood, wifehood and figuring out who I am. 
The later half is the main reason for me jumping back into my blog.
While I was busy taking care of bus-nas, I feel as though a part of me was 
fading a bit and the blog always served as a great way for me to 
release the scattered thoughts that were cooped up in my brain. 
And organize them.
So I think that now is the perfect time for me to come back
to....deal.  Ya know? 
I am not sure about the frequency or what the content will be, but
I am allowing room for an evolution. 
I intend to keep it the same...Beauty, Fashion, Art, Life...but we shall see.
If you strayed a bit, I totally don't blame you....I did. 
But if your one of my old readers...thanks so much for hangin in there. 
Until next time, 


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Well hello there!
That was quite a break now wasn't it?
My last post was at the beginning of April. 
The tone was reflective.
During my time away I spent a large portion of my 
time focusing on my babies: Levi and (r-ki-tekt).
I needed a moment to clear my head of all that was filling it.
All of the ideas. The worries. Plus lack of sleep wasn't
making me the most cheerful, so I decided to spare you 
all the whining and complaints. 
I decided to welcome in clarity to gain the wealth that
life has to offer. 
For those that are still there...Thank you. 
See you soon!



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When I first saw this I said out loud...

A few weeks ago I did something very simple yet very huge in 
my opinion. I openly complimented who I always saw as my competition. 
Now, I am nowhere in their league. 
Nowhere near their level, but for whatever reason I put it in my head that we
are competitors. Yet I admired them beyond words. Studied them almost. 
As I my business grows, I have found myself looking to the left and to the right instead of ahead
comparing myself to a variety of businesses that are flourishing. 
This held me back. It kept me treading as opposed to really taking off. 
It made me bitter. It stole my joy of a sale or a well-received post. 
So as a therapeutic step forward I openly complimented their growth. 
Their success. Their heavy doses of inspiration. 
Though they were not aware of my "huge" step forward, 
I did. I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders and off of my mind. 
It freed me of the pressures of comparison and allowed me 
to take it all for what it was worth: INSPIRATION. 
Not Aspiration. 
With that said. The cookie is big enough for us all to have a bite. Hell, we can even have 2 bites. 
But being stingy with our talents and compliments will not get you far
off the ground. In fact it will keep you so firmly planted into the ground.
So do yourself a huge favor and free yourself of the weight of comparison in this
over saturated world we live in. Tell the girl who you think dresses better than you, 
that you adore her shoes, instead of scrolling past her page without liking it. 
Trust me you will feel so much better. 
Hope you are having yourselves a Happy Monday!
Make it golden.



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There is nothing I love more than bold rich hues
on a canvas so rich.
So inspired by the unpredictable mix of pastels, neutrals, & bolds
on these ladies. 



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She still reigns supreme as my style crush 
numero un! 
Check out this great write up in this months Harper's Bazaar .

**photos taken from Harper's Bazaar and edited for ATD



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It has been a busy month. 
a rollercoaster-y month. 
but this steadied my heart beyond measure.
Have a beautiful Friday All. 



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Her newly launched website features moody and refreshing 
portraits of natures starlets. 

Any one else lukewarm about the arrival of Spring. 
Yes you love the floral production along the sides of roads, 
but your allergies suck the fun out of it all. 
Well, Ashley Woodson Bailey has seemed to capture the 
magic that, I think, we all admire, but without the whoas.
The lights....



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Some serious hair crushin' going on in the grouping above huh?!
So over the weekend I did something new. 
Not as drastic as sky diving or anything, but definitely equally as freeing. 
(ahhhh. For those that are natural, you know what a huge deal the first time is) 
If you have been reading for a while, you know that I have been 
transitioning. (Growing out my chemically relaxed hair) 
There have been several reasons I haven't done this before. 
1. I'm too busy--Levi doesn't give me much free time these days to primp. 
2. I was scared.--I typically wasn't involved with the wash & 
style process since I decided to transition, 
so the dual textures made it difficult to handle on my own. 
3. I was worried.--More so of how I would look afterward. Would my husband still 
find me attractive. (He is a hair guy and has always fawned over my long locks).  
Will my style 
have to change to fit into the #teamnaturalista / 
#curlygirl / #curlyhairdontcare / #straighthairisforwimps mold? 
Do I have to change my persona to fit in those molds that I have
never really wanted to fit in the first place?
So many insecurities. 
It's funny how you an get so trapped in a box of your own emotion and ideals for yourself
and lose out on full on awesomeness by being safe...all the time. 
That is what my relaxed hair was/is. Safe. 
And I have completely released myself from the need to identify myself with one 
specific group. I have always strayed from the pack, so why would that change now.
I guess I assumed that growing my hair out was some how conforming 
to a new normal, but in actuality it wasn't. It was something I have always wanted 
but never had the patience, schedule, time, or resources to complete. 
Now I will have the versatility I have always wanted, plus more. 
I won't get too Iyanla here, but I will say that I am quite happy with the direction 
this is taking. --Kel

*all photos were aquired via Pinterest


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Happy Wednesday!
Just get rid of the shit that weighs you down.
Plain and simple. 



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discovered here

We recently stepped over to the light side and 
purchased all white bedding. 
Much to my husbands dismay, or should I say fear of our kids
messy tendencies, I took it upon myself to make our room
a bit more inviting by removing the dark colours that previously existed. 
You've heard me whoa about how anxious I am to have a home of our own,
and how over our apartment I am and can't wait to white-wash 
( a la Scandinavian decor style).
But we are simply "not there yet." So I am trying to 
enjoy the present and make our current space pleasant. 
Much to his surprise and mine
it now feels like we live in a hotel.
(minus the room service)
The room is ten times brighter and sexier. 
I swear I am in this video on Saturday mornings.  
If you are looking for a little budget friendly Spring pick me up for your bedroom  
I definitely suggest a linen overhaul as an easy refresher. 



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We're on the cusp of Spring and I'm itching to usher in some blush tones 
and emerald hints to mix in with my black & white closet overtaking. 
(never thought I would have as many striped pieces, but I love them) 
And you already know gold is my neutral so throwing in some brassy bases 
will help luxe it up a bit. 
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For reasons beyond the dress...
I dipped into the ugly cry. 
For the hair. For the skin. For the eloquence. 
For the sophistication. For the talent. 
For the recognition. 
Bravo and Congratulations to Lupita Nyong'o 
for creating an extraordinary example for my daughter, my nieces, and me.
Thank you for reminding us how far our worth stretches.
Beyond the straddling of a chair. Beyond implants. 
Beyond borrowed hair. Beyond throwing tantrums.
Thank you.

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