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Nothing like having a shirt that you can only wear once...
if that is something you said within the last 5 minutes or month,
you've got to check out how this pattern happy chick
styled this amazing abstract Gorman top...


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To say that I am undergoing a change is somewhat of an understatement.
I think it all...actually I know it all began when I went from 
working full-time in a cube to working full-time from home and 
giving birth to my son. Events of that magnitude can do that to a person. 
As they should.  As you should let them. 
I am welcoming it....now.

I say that with a tone of acceptance because there was tons of resistance.
Tons of push back from the creative and young spirited part of me
that just wants to be 21 forever. But that is not the case. 
With 30 around the bend, I have breathed the sigh of all sighs...
acceptance. A total surrendering to that part of me that has been 
bubbling at the rim waiting to tip over the edge.  That part 
of me that wants to create more than just...what I have done...
See more. Hear me. Be more. 
It is surely a process...

But as the metamorphosis occurs
I hope that it is accepted more as a journey as opposed to change.
I hope to have your excitement, along with your patience as 
 my brand and I evolve. 

Until next time. 



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This sounds like Saturday...
around 5 in the afternoon when you begin prepping 
for a dinner with your love. 
The dinner that finally arrives after 
weeks full of busy-mode. 
This sounds like putting on the perfect red lip, 
the perfect shoe that is not only making your 
foot look like a work of art, but is also 
comfortable to stride in. 
This is him coming up behind you just as you 
spray the last mist of your perfume for 
a kiss on the neck. 
This is the stop-it-laugh that you release.
I hope you enjoy....

Until next time...


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tumblr imgs

A brief nod to the bits that I have 
found myself taken by...
On my IG, I addressed my artistic evolution. 
(because I guess I felt the need to explain before leaping) 
Just the act of releasing "the change" or what I have dubbed this 
period, "the morphing" has done my spirit so good. 
Literally, feels as if boulders have been lifted. 
Not sure if I am rowing this boat alone, but 
as a creative, you get stuck doing the same after the same 
after the same. Until one day it becomes robotic and empty 
and free of the emotion that you once had. 
For lack of better explanation...it becomes...work. 
And that is the LAST thing an artists wants to feel. 
Whatever it is that is being produced ought to feel 
like breathing and eating...it ought to come naturally to you. 
The moment force comes in, darkness follows. 
So I am surrendering to the change and the safety. 
And getting back to what I think I do best. 
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follow my IG 

Until next time...



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Every season I habitually latch on to a new artist that kind of sets the tone for the season. 
This time around it is Yuna.  Yes I know I am a smidgen bit late on this train, 
but this is definitely a case of better late than never.
What a refreshing sound that is beyond welcomed amongst the sea of....whatever they call this 
"ugh-ness" playing on the radio these days.  (do I sound old and grandmotherly yet?)
Definitely see this blaring during my weekends shuffling around the house
 or just letting it play in the background during a work day. 
AND I won't even step into how epic her style is, because that is seriously just the cherry.
Take a moment and hook yourself on this a bit...

Until next time...



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(img via Design Sponge)

Hey babes! 
So in blogger land things are becoming way more awesome.
How so?
Our favourites are forcing us to log off. 
(Say WHAT??!!) 
Not forever, just long enough for us to drool over their books. 
And there are quite a few that I am pretty much dying to get my hands on.

Starting with queen mother of all things pink and gold herself
Joy Cho of Oh Joy! 
Her book Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy launches TODAY! 
(yes I am that excited that I must use all caps.) 
So prepare your screens for totally and utter Oh Joy! take over for the
next few months while we all allow every project to wash over our lives and
make our hubs miserable with the crazy amount of cute-ish DIYs we will be spewing out
for every. single. occasion. 
Hubs, you've been warned. 

Next up....

 ...boho blogger goddess 
Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow with her book 
I've been obsessed with The Jungalow for...forever. Simply for the mere fact 
that I can't seem to keep fake plants alive and in tact and Justina is surrounded 
by the most vibrant green lushness I've every seen.  Her eclectic, pattern-filled 
style is shrine worthy. No seriously. Take a look.
I sincerely feel like this book will not only be laid on as a pillow 
(so the decor geniusness can transfer through osmosis) but will act as 
a decorative piece in it's own right.

Last, but certainly the sweetest...

Ok, so I love myself a sweet treat. 
So given it someone's birthday the right time of the month, 
this book juuust might be the single most important thing in 
in all of existence. 
Yes friends it's The Sweetapolita Bakebook!!!
(cue the clouds parting and choir of angels) 
I don't know a girl that doesn't love herself some cake, 
and a pretty cake at that. 
Rosie Alyea has handed us the playbook 
to help make our whack, basic betty cakes & cookies look extra fancy!! 
I can not wait for the end of the year class party just to 
flex my frosting skills (and maybe flaunt in front of a 
room mom or two.) 

Now close your screen....
Wait first, go order your copies of these books, then
close your screen and give yourself a moment to 
do.  If you know of any other bloggers with book deals. 
let us know about it in the comments! 

Until next time...



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I've always been a step behind with make-up it seems. 
In high school when all the girls were shellacking on full faces, 
I "rocked" my clear mascara and Dr. Pepper lip smackers (remember those).
But I think I am just finally settling into a great rhythm 
for this visage. 
I thought I'd give you a peek into my 
perfectly curated for me make up bag!



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Well, Hello there!!!
It has been quite some time since I was last on here. 
(approximately 8 months) 
Which in blogger world is like you've died...
but I didn't. (YAY!) 
I have been keeping my head down and staying busy with 
(r-ki-tekt), motherhood, wifehood and figuring out who I am. 
The later half is the main reason for me jumping back into my blog.
While I was busy taking care of bus-nas, I feel as though a part of me was 
fading a bit and the blog always served as a great way for me to 
release the scattered thoughts that were cooped up in my brain. 
And organize them.
So I think that now is the perfect time for me to come back
to....deal.  Ya know? 
I am not sure about the frequency or what the content will be, but
I am allowing room for an evolution. 
I intend to keep it the same...Beauty, Fashion, Art, Life...but we shall see.
If you strayed a bit, I totally don't blame you....I did. 
But if your one of my old readers...thanks so much for hangin in there. 
Until next time, 


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Well hello there!
That was quite a break now wasn't it?
My last post was at the beginning of April. 
The tone was reflective.
During my time away I spent a large portion of my 
time focusing on my babies: Levi and (r-ki-tekt).
I needed a moment to clear my head of all that was filling it.
All of the ideas. The worries. Plus lack of sleep wasn't
making me the most cheerful, so I decided to spare you 
all the whining and complaints. 
I decided to welcome in clarity to gain the wealth that
life has to offer. 
For those that are still there...Thank you. 
See you soon!



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When I first saw this I said out loud...

A few weeks ago I did something very simple yet very huge in 
my opinion. I openly complimented who I always saw as my competition. 
Now, I am nowhere in their league. 
Nowhere near their level, but for whatever reason I put it in my head that we
are competitors. Yet I admired them beyond words. Studied them almost. 
As I my business grows, I have found myself looking to the left and to the right instead of ahead
comparing myself to a variety of businesses that are flourishing. 
This held me back. It kept me treading as opposed to really taking off. 
It made me bitter. It stole my joy of a sale or a well-received post. 
So as a therapeutic step forward I openly complimented their growth. 
Their success. Their heavy doses of inspiration. 
Though they were not aware of my "huge" step forward, 
I did. I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders and off of my mind. 
It freed me of the pressures of comparison and allowed me 
to take it all for what it was worth: INSPIRATION. 
Not Aspiration. 
With that said. The cookie is big enough for us all to have a bite. Hell, we can even have 2 bites. 
But being stingy with our talents and compliments will not get you far
off the ground. In fact it will keep you so firmly planted into the ground.
So do yourself a huge favor and free yourself of the weight of comparison in this
over saturated world we live in. Tell the girl who you think dresses better than you, 
that you adore her shoes, instead of scrolling past her page without liking it. 
Trust me you will feel so much better. 
Hope you are having yourselves a Happy Monday!
Make it golden.



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There is nothing I love more than bold rich hues
on a canvas so rich.
So inspired by the unpredictable mix of pastels, neutrals, & bolds
on these ladies. 



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She still reigns supreme as my style crush 
numero un! 
Check out this great write up in this months Harper's Bazaar .

**photos taken from Harper's Bazaar and edited for ATD
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